I thought I had fully decided on a nice lightweight possibly big bore 912 for my S20, but it turns out that I still have some thinking to do. The lure of a rebuilt 'lightweight' O320 with 160hp out of the box is playing on my mind, even if it would be ~100lbs heavier installed.

So, given the huge number of different O320 models that have sprung up in the last 50yrs, which model/type/configurations would work with the Rans FWF kit? I am assuming that the engine mount and cowling Rans supplies for the Titan340 would be the same they would supply for an O320 here.

My main questions are:

- dynafocal or conical mount?
- wide or narrow deck?
- specific accessory configuration requirements?

If I won the lottery, then I would probably get a Titan340 or Edge 912 with an Airmaster adjustable prop system... but I didn't buy a ticket.