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Thread: S-19 heater and cold draft

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    Default S-19 heater and cold draft

    I found a way to make the cabin heater more efficient. Bought a sheet of silicone rubber 12"x12"x 1/8" on
    Amazon. Cut a pattern to cover 1/4th of the heater shroud on the muffler and made 4 pieces and used RTV to stick them to the shroud. Be sure to use MEK to wipe the silicone rubber and shroud to remove any oil so the RTV will stick.k This is best done before installing the muffler assy. on the engine.

    There is a cold draft in the S-19 that hits you just behind the head. This is caused by holes in the baggage closure bulkhead. Best to close these holes before in stalling the bulkhead. My fix was to use a weather strip shaped like a P, also bought from Amazon and installed on the bulkhead with the long leg of the P going over the top of the bulkhead so that the baggage closure will rest against the top of the P.

    These two changes made for a warm cabin. I now have to use only 1/4 of the cabin heat control with an OAT of 32f.

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    Pics of your weatherstripping install would be awesome!!!!!

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