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Thread: How to justify the cost?

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    I completely agree that you have to pursue what makes you happy even if it's an expensive airplane hobby. I make what I consider good money and I could afford a 40K plane and still have room to get a new car every 5 years for me or the wife while staying under the our 50% income. I'm just split because a 40K plane is still a ton of fun but it doesn't cross as much of my mission list off as an 80K S-21 would. Of course I could just spend the 80K because I WANT IT and throw Dave's advice out the window.

    It's still going to be a while before I pull the trigger on anything. I'm just kind of anal about doing all the research before hand, so here I am.

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    Simple - you don't get to do life over again..... And frankly you could die tomorrow, or today...So don't wait.....

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    One thing which I value very much is the spirit of camaraderie among pilots, even of you don't have the privilege of owning or building a plane.

    It is amazing when you find out that the other guy flies too and things just seem to change. I suppose it is the same with people who sail. I've walked along docks just to stare at beautiful Catalinas, and you can just easily strike up a conversations with fellow sailors.

    So one of the big things I have gotten out of flying is the many friendships over the years.

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    After Joe and I completed our S6, we began building a S19. Then my wife got sick. That put the S19 on the back burner. Then came her complications, surgeries, near death, expenses. Then came my losing my job. So the S19 still sits unfinished and my wife and I struggle. She is recovered now, but will never be 100 percent again. Yeah, go after your dreams as long as you can. It may be taken from you and you may not get another chance.

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