Can you believe it's been another year already? Not only that, but we've just finished out 10th year here on the CLAN! November 2017 starts the 11th year of our community.

As many of you know, this website is published and maintained by myself as a home based business that let's me earn a few dollars for airplane gas. The RANS CLAN website and forums require a considerable amount of time to maintain and are free for everyone to use, but they are supported by our advertisers and your donations. Both are very much appreciated.

No one likes to log on to the website and be bombarded by me asking for your yearly donation, so I only ask once a year on the anniversary of the website, which is November.

If you have gained useful information from the RANS CLAN in the last year, or find it entertaining and motivating, then I have done my job. Please consider making a donation to support the website and keep it published on the net. Those who donated are listed as Premium Members.

To donate, simple go to the Donations page on the main website. You can click the button on that page to donate via PayPal, or you may mail a check to the address listed.

Also on the Donations page, you will find a list of everyone who donated and the month I received the donation. If you're not sure when you last donated, simply find your name on the list.

To all of you who choose to donate, I thank you very much! It means a lot to me and your donation is appreciated. I'm excited to bring you an even better website with more updates in 2018.

Thank you,

Mark Pensenstadler