Thanks Glenn!


I did a few more upgrades to the jury struts. I guess I've just been fixated on them lately! I decided my plane didn't weight enough already and decided to add some weight (very, very little weight though actually). I replaced the vertical piece on each jury strut, and each angled piece going back to the rear lift strut with thicker 2024 aluminum (.055 iirc, instead of 35-40 I think the original was, maybe less it was very thin). I added a second horizontal piece from front to rear lift strut. Along with the bolt mod this has produced a much tougher feeling jury strut setup and it only added, what a half pound?

Did this partially because I decided to mount my AoA sensor to the top of the jurty strut just under the wing. After looking at several possible locations, I decided against drilling a hole through my wing and leading edge etc. If I could get up in the wing and work with the access holes, I might have done this for a cleaner install.. but my hands dont fit that well through the access holes, and only having 1 hand in at a time is pretty worthless, plus there isn't much to attach to inside to secure the AoA tube.

I built a bracket out of two old hinges I replaced on one side of my elevator that had just a touch of wear on them. Machined a hollow insert and welded it to those hinges. (couple pictures only show 1 hing, after looking at it, I added a second hing to make a box and make it more sturdy). I also made an aluminum support bracket to help support the AoA. The sensor and CF tube are extremely light, but I'm hoping this mount will keep it from vibrating around too much.

This isn't the most beautiful thing with it on the strut, but it's not awful either... drag wise it all fits inside the width of the jury strut and strut mount etc.

And for an update on the streamlined alum tubing to go on the jury's, I received what I ordered and it's way too small (the description wasn't the best). I found another slightly larger model, and it's probably still too small to go over the tubes.. may be able to split it and wrap around the jury struts going backwards creating a fairly streamlined profile. Might look like total crap too!

Couple pictures of the AoA sensor. Wiring is run behind panel, hopefully finish instrument and wiring tonight or tomorrow ish.