Start looking for more updates on the main page of the website. My goal going forward is to spend 1/2 to 1 hour every morning that I'm home (not away on an airline trip) and update the website with articles or posts. More updates and more information are always a good thing. I've asked RANS to send me more updates to post, and I'm asking for your help too.

Just as KITPLANES magazine is always asking readers for articles, I'm asking you to send me updates on your projects, or any other news you'd like to see on the main page. Doug Reeves updates his VansAirForce website 5 days a week and he does a fantastic job and his site looks great. Of course he has 30,000 visitors and maintains his site full time, but he does a great job. So I'd like to see more updates here to provide you more useful and entertaining information.

I'm also setting goals to attract more advertisers in 2018. Why? For one it helps to maintain this website with their paid ads; and two, I find the ads can very good at introducing new products. For example, when I need a certain part, say a prop or interior, or tool, I usually look on VAF and see who is advertising and then contact them. Sometimes there are companies that I don't know exist that offer the exact product I'm looking for.

So hopefully having more companies advertise here will introduce new products to you. It's a win-win!

Do you own a small business and have a product that you think our visitors would like? Or do you know of a company that might want to introduce their products here? Please let me know.

To sum it up, I'm committing to put more of my time into this website to make it a more useful and entertaining place for you. I am always open to suggestions and ideas. Send them if you got 'em!