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Thread: Rans open house/fly-in

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    I mean't to edit this up shortly after the fly-in/open house, but I forgot. Some video footage of wandering around the "main" hanger (final assembly hanger). RANS has several other large hangers on the property where other magic happens for different parts of the builds and also kits etc. Anyway, there are some still shots mixed in, and most of them are the ones above or similar. Nothing too exciting. Some of it towards the end I'm moving around pretty fast, might be good to play the video a little slower. Just showing different features and interesting things about the planes and the way they are built! For anyone who has never been to the factory, or lives far away etc. this will show you a little more of the facility.. but keep in mind there is a lot more there I didn't record.
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    Very cool that you took the time to post this.



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