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Thread: ELT accidental Activation

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    Default ELT accidental Activation

    Glen had an issue with the ELT activating when TxPNDR/ADS-B were activated on his S-20. (see Completions; Its Done) Rocky Mountain Kitplanes locates the antenna for these items just forward of the main gear on the boot cowl.

    I attended a EAA workshop on Avionics/Electrical over the weekend and asked the instructor about the matter. His response was very obtuse on the subject due to the multitude of possibilities that could cause the issue.

    1: This is quite possible depending on the brand of ELT, circuit design/components used.
    2: Shielding capability of the container.
    3: Location of the antenna with respect to the ELT.
    4: Wire bundles to close/battery cable/resulting in a magnetic field.

    Solutions offered were to relocate ELT, Antenna or wire. Shield the ELT by placing in a metal box or wrap in foil.

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    I have bought a Trig tr21 transponder and my plan was to install the txpndr antenna under the rear seat in my S7.
    My ELT antenna is just behind the rear seat, so i tried to lay the antennaplate with the transponder antenna where i planed to install it before i made hole in the fabric and turnd it on.
    And yupp.. when switch on the transponder the ELT went on...
    So i install the transonderantenna so far forward i could from the radiator, (i have a short tail S7 so i have the belly radioator.) close to the rear end of the front floorboard. it does not set of the ELT in these postition.
    The transponder main unit is close to the ELT and that dosent seems to be a prolem.
    I have not yet be able to fly to check function of the transponder yet becuse of the rainy weather.

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