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Thread: Stratux RXWX Dual Band ADS-B Receiver with AHRS & GPS Source $150

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    Default Stratux RXWX Dual Band ADS-B Receiver with AHRS & GPS Source $150

    I'm not selling these - just passing along what I think is a good deal for $150. Everywhere else these are selling for around $250. Here's the link:
    Note that this is an Oshkosh special and they're not shipping until 7/24.


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    @ Mikeno :

    I bought one. I am looking to build two mini "J-Pole" antennas ( 978 and 1090 ) for it in place of the small vertical rubber duckies to possibly help improve reception. This thing has a WAAS level GPS, AHRS capability, variable fan speed, pressure sensor altimeter built in, and ability to record flight data. All for .15 AMU Amazing.

    There are also plans for a rubber suction cup mount for this. I am also currently looking at a battery for this unit. If anyone is buying one, I'd welcome any advice.

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