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Thread: Some Thoughts On The S21

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    WWHunter wrote:

    The issue with amphib floats is their cost, and your insurance is considerably more.

    Interesting. I never thought of the insurance aspect.

    The increased cost and weight penalty of slightly higher capacity floats, whether amphib or not, I can understand. What I have no knowledge of is the handling and performance peculiarities of under or over capacity specificationed floats, whether on water or in amphibious configuration for land use. I've done some google searches with only limited results. I am not building anything at the moment, and was just curious.

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    Thanks for the float info folks!

    So if a fella was interested in a Montana kit, then the 2200 size would make sense for the 1800lb S21?

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    Nova, So, you have those nasty buggers there also? They stink, will bite, and smell terrible! I probably swept/vacuumed up a 5 gallon bucket full of them yesterday. Oh, if one lands on your lips, they taste something awful!!!

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    Al, if you ever contact Keith Kinden, ask him if he has the DVD of the PBS Canadian "Wings over Canada." You'd be able to see footage of float planes going into the bay in B.C., + Kinden interview. If not, I can run the end of my DVD to see if a contact listed - to see if still even available. Per your request, Kinden might also put you in contact w/ Canadians who blt. his Montana 2200 kit. Easy to spot his aluminums anywhere, 2 Canadian geese on the side.

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