RANS CLAN Premium Members can now mark their location on the RANS CLAN Google Map! We've had a map like this years ago, but it got so full of spam that it became useless. Available only to Premium Members, I'm hoping this time it works out.

CAUTION: the issue I've found with Google Maps is that in order to let people drop pins, it has to be open to edit. That means that anyone can modify or delete or move other peoples pins. This happened all the time on the old Google Map that we used to have. So please be very careful when editing the map while dropping your pin!

The map is located on an non-public page of the RANS CLAN website. A link to the map will be at the end of this post. First, here are the instructions on how to use it and mark your location:

1. Click on the link at the bottom of this post

2. A page of the RANS CLAN will open with a smaller view of the map. You can scroll and use the map directly on the page, but to get a larger map and mark your location click on the View Larger Map button on the top right...

3. Click on the Edit button. Note that you will be required to be logged in to your Google account.

4. Click on the Add Marker button. The button sort of looks like a hot air balloon.

5. Once you click on the Add Marker button (or before you click on it-doesn't matter) find your location and then click on the map and it will drop a pin. A box will appear where you can type your name in the top, and then any info you want in the box. It would be good for you to post your RANS model, your home airport, and your contact info incase someone would like to visit your project.

Enjoy the map and let's hope it gets populated and is another resource you can use to enjoy this community!

Here is the link to the map!

UPDATE: Bill Pickle brought it to my attention that you can now upload photos to your 'pin' on the map. This is a really neat feature. Post a pic or two of your airplane or your project.