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Thread: S-19 Fuel System

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    RANS told me that the fuel tank pick up tube, part number KPFS0050, has a hex wrench fitting inside the tube (where the straight fitting fits) so that you can hold the tube steady with an Allen wrench while tightening or loosing the AN924-8D nut. I did not see a hex wench fitting inside my pick up tube but it was manufactured around 2010. If someone has an S-19 pick up tube that has not been installed yet, can you see if the hex wrench fitting is in the tube? That would be a nice feature to know about.

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    It's in the through fitting. The one that has the o-ring on it.

    My S19 (200 fittings had this.

    If your just putting the fitting through the tank (before the pipe thread fitting has been installed) you may be able to go through the fitting and hold it that way with an allen wrench.

    But it's been 7 years since I did this so.............
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