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    Default Oratex fabric, field repairs


    This Oratex fabric is pretty amazing stuff. For instance say you are out camping with your airplane and it gets a hole poked in it. You could get out the duct tape and put a piece over the hole or you could get out your emergency Oratex repair kit.

    With just a small piece of fabric, some scissors or a knife, a little glue, a camp fire to heat up a tool or a rock and you are back in the air.

    The following pictures show how easy it is to repair, I used the end of a 3/8 " ratchet but a rock would have been just as good maybe better.

    I did not try to make this patch pretty, just secure.

    When you get back to the hangar you can reheat the patch, peel it off, and make a much nicer patch, or you could just cover the entire area with a patch.

    Try and do this with any other covering system.

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