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In 2007 I created the RANS CLAN website because there was no central online community for RANS builders and flyers. As a two time RANS builder, I thought it was important to interact with a like minded community of RANS enthusiasts. So, in my spare time, I built and maintain this website. I am not an employee of RANS Designs and I am not paid by RANS.

Over the years the RANS CLAN has seen tremendous growth in the number of users (and in site content). This has led to greatly increased costs to build and publish this website. Aside from dollar costs, it also requires a huge amount of my personal time to maintain. This is time that I could be flying, hanging out with friends, or building a different online business.

I publish the RANS CLAN because I am passionate about it. There is no doubt that a lot of builders and pilots use this website and benefit from it. Like any business, my goal is to provide a top-notch product with outstanding value and service. For that effort, I hope to earn a return on my investment of time and money.

Do you visit the RANS CLAN regularly? Do you benefit from the information or entertainment you receive on the forums? Have you downloaded one of the many free painting templates or files from the Downloads page?  If so, please make a small yearly donation by clicking the Donate Now button. Or, you may mail a check to the address below.

Your donations are what keep the RANS CLAN going!



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Mark Pensenstadler
37232 Gilchrist St.
Westland, MI 48186


The following RANS CLAN members are the ones who have gained valuable information and/or entertainment from this website in 2013 and want to help support it for 2014. Thank you to these members!

My goal is to make the RANS CLAN the number one place on the net for RANS builders and flyers to gather and learn. We have had over 450 new members register on the forums in 2013.


Sean Fitzpatrick
James Pacquin
Mike Mooney
Philman Risley
Bob Demunck
Brandt Vermillion
Scott VanArtsdalen
Justin Williams
Nicholas Allcott
Howard Benz

Gerry Peterson
Dale Anderson

Cleon Biter
Ola Vestad
Dave Rigotti
Mike Duggan
Steven Michaud
Franklin Smith
Kenneth Boyd
Doug Reeves
John Jaynes
Marshall Alexander
Mike Bell
Philip Lahm
Eddie Haley
Richard Bernard
Alan Colman
Bayne Just
Kevin Kelly
Corey Bonnell
Ami Sela
John Eastwood
Sherrod Coltharp
Phil Parker
Andrew Lincoln


Mike Moening
Gary Goodenow
Michael Nault
Noel Olebos
Ron Moring
Ira Baker
Ralph Clark
Rob Turk
Billy Patterson
Alan Brooks
Donald Smith
Michael Tucker
Chris O'Donnell
Glenn Mathis
Linda Jordan
Hansjoerg Frei
Bruce Fox
Jim Stutson
Eric Rappaport
Ronda Robinson
Michael George
George Dean
M Wilemon
Glen Vigneri
Bill Faught
Tim Hollars
Paul Natho
Michael Nault
Junior Beachy
David Hoepfinger
Teddy Houser
Michael Miller 
Peter Ouellette
Jon Cook
Steve Felix


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