◊ Rick Hayes (Hayes Aero) photo from Sun-N-Fun with the new RANS S-7S!

Rick Hayes Photo

◊ There's another S-20 build log listed on the Builder's Sites Page. Thanks Steve Shae for sending in the link!

◊ James Robertson has added his info to the RANS CLAN hotel list. [Washington State]

◊ We've added Ola Vestad's S-19 online builder's log to the Builder's Sites page.

News From Dynon Avionics

Dynon Avionics

Visit: DynonAvionics.com


◊ Summer's almost here! I've got a few hours on the Cherokee in the last week, and I'm sure we will all be flying a lot more now as the warm weather reaches those of us stuck in the North!

Do you have an online builders log for your project? We'd like to add it to the Builder's Websites page. Please send me a link to your log!

◊ Same thing with the RANS Hotel page. If you'd like to offer a fellow RANS traveler a place to stay for a night and/or a place to park his or her airplane for a night, please send me your info so I can add it to the RANS Hotel page.


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Where To Stay   Add Your Name
Where To Stay  
Traveling on a cross-country and need a place to stay? Here's a list of members who are offering a room and possibly a hangar.   If you'd like to host a traveling RANS CLAN member for a night, please add your name and info to the list!