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Welcome to the #1 online community of RANS builders and flyers. The RANS CLAN was started in 2007 as a way for like-minded RANS enthusiats to get together, tell stories, share knowledge, ask questions, and offer support and assistance to fellow builders and flyers. Please join us!

Mark Pensenstadler


RANS S-20 Wing Stand Plans

Steve Shae sent in this .pdf file with plans for wing stands for the S-20. These are professionally drawn with CAD designed dimensions. Really nice!

Here's pics of the first two pages-there are 7 pages total. Download the file here, or visit the Downloads page where this file will permanently live.




Superflite Fabric covering & Painting Workshop

Location: Wasilla, AK

When: February 13 & 14

Cost: $350 (Includes the workshop, copy of instruction manual, lunch both days, and a $150 gift cert for AERO Alaska)



Check Out the New Superflite Website

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Superflite has a new, completely re-designed website. Check it out at www.superflite.com






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For over 54 years, Wag-Aero has been a Worldwide Manufacturer and Distributor of aircraft parts for the General Aviation and LSA industries.  Our website features a full line of instruments, wheels and brakes, tires, covering materials, engine mounts, exhaust systems, seat belts and shoulder harnesses, consumables, ELT’s, ground support equipment, lighting, fuel tanks and components, windsocks, frames and runway lights, along with replacement FAA/PMA parts for Aeronca, Cessna, Piper and Taylorcraft’s. Wag-Aero supplies components for three unique homebuilt aircraft: the Sport Trainer, the Wag-A-Bond and the Sportsman 2+2. Aero Fabricators, a division of the Wag-Aero Group, is a Certified Repair Station for engine mounts, seat belts and exhaust systems. You can view our 124-page catalog electronically at onlinecatalog.wagaero.com to make your browsing and shopping more convenient. 

We welcome suggestions to improve your shopping experience. Contact Customer Service at 1.800.558.6868, or e-mail at wagaero-sales@wagaero.com.


RANS CLAN Google Maps!

The Premium Member's section of the RANS CLAN forums now has a Google Map that you can use to mark your location with a pin. This let's others who may want to visit your project see where our members are located. Premium Members please log in to the forums and follow the simple instructions for placing your pin!

RANS CLAN Google Map


Builder's Sites

If you're new to the RANS CLAN and haven't looked around the website, notice we have a page called "Builder's Sites". You'll find the link on the top in the row of yellow buttons. RANS is selling a lot of airplanes and throughout the year we average one new person signing up on the forums every single day!

So if you're one of the 'new guys' and have an online builder's log for your project, please e-mail me the link and I'll get your website listed on the Builder's Sites page.


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