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Welcome to the #1 online community of RANS builders and flyers. The RANS CLAN was started in 2007 as a way for like-minded RANS enthusiats to get together, tell stories, share knowledge, ask questions, and offer support and assistance to fellow builders and flyers. Please join us!

Mark Pensenstadler


Get Started on Your Winter Project!

Order your winter project now. Hayes Aero is taking orders for all Rans kits and ready to fly aircraft. By ordering a plane from us you receive customer support 7 day a week from a builder of factory SLSA aircraft.

Call Rick Hayes at 248-462-9338 or visit HayesAero.com


RANS S-19 For Sale

More info in this thread.

Call: Bob Boyd

RANS S-19 For Sale


Builder's Sites

If you're new to the RANS CLAN and haven't looked around the website, notice we have a page called "Builder's Sites". You'll find the link on the top in the row of yellow buttons. RANS is selling a lot of airplanes and throughout the year we average one new person signing up on the forums every single day!

So if you're one of the 'new guys' and have an online builder's log for your project, please e-mail me the link and I'll get your website listed on the Builder's Sites page.

-Ryan Story's S-20 website just linked.


Repairing Aircraft Fabric

RANS sent this pdf file on fabric repair if this should ever apply to you! You can click the link here, or find it later on the Downloads page.



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