OSHKOSH 2014 RANS CLAN BBQ All RANS CLANers are welcome to attend the RANS CLAN get-together at the RANS booth on Wednesday at 5:30.

If you'd like to help out setting up or cooking burgers, we'd enjoy your help.

For more information, please follow this thread on the RANS CLAN forums. Information will be posted there as it becomes available.

ATTENTION NEW MEMBERS I wanted to post a note to our new members who may have recently signed up, or who are about to sign up, on the forums.

When you register, the vBulletin software is suppose to send you an e-mail with a link that you are required to click to activate your account.

For some magical reason, the software suddenly stopped sending those e-mails out. So without the link, you would have no way of activating your account. I'm currently trying to resolve that issue, so in the mean time, I am checking everyday for new members. When I see a new account, I go into the Admin panel and I activate your account for you.

What does this mean for you? When you sign up, most likely you will not receive the e-mail with the activation link. Wait a few hours, or a day, and I'll have manually activated your account for you. Once that's done, you will be able to log on and post in the forums.

2014 RANS Factory Fly-In Visit the RANS website to learn more about the 2014 fly-in. RANS

2014 RANS Fly-In


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Builder's Websites Free Downloads Articles Photos
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Where To Stay  
Traveling on a cross-country and need a place to stay? Here's a list of members who are offering a room and possibly a hangar.   If you'd like to host a traveling RANS CLAN member for a night, please add your name and info to the list!